Hydrotherm :- Who We Are

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Hydrotherm is a manufacturing company founded in 2017. We are based in the United Kingdom, where all our research and development, production and assembly occurs. Primarily a technology driven business. We spent a lot of time designing and manufacturing the best products possible.
Our initial product line is the Hydrotherm Hot Tap Three years in development, the Hot Tap is the perfect portable hot water shower for any outdoor application such as cleaning horses for shows or after a fun hack. Specifically, as we didn’t like the idea of gas and live flames near live animals. Therefore, we approached this issue a different way. Using electricity made sense, but wasn’t easy. We only have 13 amps in a standard plug socket. The laws of physics dictate how long it will take to raise the temperature of water from a given power ! So for us the challenge was to package that in a system that was suitable and efficient for the pet market.

Warmth and safety for you and your horse.

Long gone are the days of freezing fingers in winter on horse yards with no hot water or that dangerous process of boiling numerous kettles! Simply plug in, turn on and wait a few minutes! easy as ABC..

Wish to Try before you Buy?

Drop us a line and we will put you in touch with your local retailer, they will be more than happy to demonstrate the unit to you before you purchase