Hot Tap


Hydrotherm HotTap.


The ultimate in portable warm water outdoor showers. Hydrotherm HotTap is perfect for outdoor showering of animals ready for showing or from a muddy walk. The unit is supplied in a tough ABS case, complete with inlet pipe, bypass pipe, outlet coiled extendable hose and shower head.

Technical Specifications:
  • 240v mains powered (you will need to plug it in !)
  • 2kw output capacity.
  • 3 ltr per minute water flow rate.
  • Coiled quick release outlet hose.
  • Variable setting spray head adapter.

Automatic recirculation / bypass valve ensures the water is supplied at a constant temperature.

The system is designed to run from a static water source, i.e. bucket / container. The HotTap is not designed and cannot be used direct from a mains water tap.

With the relevant inverter the HotTap can be used form a leisure battery in a remote location. Included is a with 240v socket for the heater and pump. Alternatively you can switch the pump on and run just that from a vehicle aux socket. As well as, run the machine pump and heater via an inverter from a leisure battery as an alternative.



Finally, we recommend using an RCD adaptor to plug the Hydrotherm HotTap into when using mains electricity or power from a generator. All outdoor equipment that has the potential to come into contact with water should always be used via an RCD adaptor. These can be ordered separately from us online. At


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